We are a GLOBAL LEADER in Telcom VAS, offer Services across Educational Content, Entertainment Content, Games and sports

Educational Content

Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom. Educational content are crucial as it is an investment in human capital that yields tremendous benefits to personal, social and economic development.

Our Educational Content spans K-12, Engineering across all disciplines, Soft skills, Skill Development, Vocational, Applied Sciences, Humanities .. etc.

we have Animated tutorials, offers practice exercises, Assessments, LIVE Tutor

K-12 Covers Maths, EVS, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Skill Development covers Automobile, Civil, Electrical, Tailoring, Mobile Repair and more..

Entertainment Content

Our Entertainment content can keep the consumer engaged for hours if that’s what one is interested in. We have an impressive array of Content on Movies, Fashion, on Demand Videos and many more...

So every time a consumer needs enthralling content, ours is the way to go.


Get access to a bunch of games ranging from Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board, Cards, Casino ... and many to play on your device.

If obvious choice for people whose idea of entertainment involves gaming as one would with a console or a computer, then their search stops here.


Learning a sport is fun and challenging... sports like football, cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Rugby, volleyball and many more as such has tutoring videos talks about the history of the game, rules, knack to learn, skills to develop, details about the sport... so why to wait, let’s play the sport...